As a manager, it's important to celebrate your team's achievements. It makes them feel seen, celebrated and reassures that their hardwork is recognized by the higher ups in the company.

When celebrating your team's achievements, it may be easy to compare their achievements with other teams in the company.

On top of that, messaging such results in the company can promote these comparisons even further and may lead to internal unhealthy competition.

Instead of treating this as a team A vs B problem, make it a Team A in 2022 vs Team A in 2021 problem. In your messaging, look at the trajectory of the team's performance and achievements from the past year, their growth and learnings, their problems, and make a point to celebrate the growth in the areas.

On top of that, it may be worth highlighting projects, features, and other business impacting areas the team had an effect on. This creates a sense of celebration in terms of growth and self-mastery instead of one-upping the other teams.

And you can do the same for other teams as well, and even in the same messaging.

Celebrate Your Teams Without Comparing