Never forget again!

Mindpeck is a simple web application that reminds you and your team of everything that matters.

You've tried sticking post-it notes, you've set up multiple alarms or even asked your spouse to remind you of paying that bill but you know for a fact, all this never really works!

Mindpeck gets out of the way...

So you can go back to enjoying your life. Just set a reminder and forget the rest! We'll email you, tweet you or heck, even call you!

End the misery in your team

Attending a meeting with clients or at a lunch, you could only pray your colleagues get their asses on time. With Mindpeck, it's pretty easy - set a reminder for your colleague so he gets a nudge at the right time!

To the point and no bloat software

Mindpeck is a simple web application that makes sure you never get behind the things important to you.

Get ready to fall in love with Mindpeck!

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